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Rakhi is a Professional Artist, Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, Model & Actress. Rakhi Sood offers the very best dance tuition for a variety of styles including Kathak, Bollywood and Bhangra. She has already begun to establish a reputation for the quality of the tuition offered and the original and innovative methods employed. Rakhi Sood has kept her burning passion for the performing arts since an early age. She studied the performing arts as well as achieving professional qualifications in both the classical dance style of Kathak and the art of Sitar playing.

Rakhi believes that for any teacher grounding in classical dance is essential. “To begin to teach forms and styles of dance it is first essential to have a good foundation yourself. It is my aim to not just teach dance, but to allow students to gain an understanding of the differences between good dance and bad dance.” Rakhi Sood’s tantalizing choreography is an alluring fusion of contemporary Kathak blended with various dance flavour’s and heritages from around the world.

Ranging from Flamenco to Kathak, Bollywood to Bhangra, Salsa to Jazz & R’n’B to Urban. Rakhi’s choreography has no bounds due to different styles of dance that she has trained in. Her charisma and charm lies in the beauty of her work which is visually enchanting and spiritually divine.

Its legendary beginning includes the pride of India as Vande Mataram invites you on a rhythmic journey. It takes you in the modern world of urban beats in music today. Having learnt dance and the Sitar from some of the great gurus, she stands as an independent choreographer and dance teacher. She has mesmerized global audiences through the mediums of stage, television & cinema and is now an equity member.

Rakhi has launched her own school of dance known as ‘Rakhi’s School of Performing Arts’