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FILMY FUSION (Bollywood Style)

Filmy fusion is the new style of dance, which has evolved from Indian films. It includes partner and individual work and is lots of fun for all, from the beginner to the expert. It is exciting and easy to learn combining all the styles of dance.

FILMY FUSION (Bollywood Style) with RnB

It’s fun, exciting, energetic and funky. Bringing together America and India... what could be a better Fusion? Fusing the new styles, we have created a new sensation, which will rock the world!!! So hurry up and join and get ready to groooooove!!

BANGIN BHANGRA (To keep fit)

Bhangra is the ever-popular dance form hailing from Punjab. This is a chance to let your hair down, allow the rhythm to control your body and to join in some real fun. The moves are funky yet uniquely traditional. You’ll get to learn energetic dance moves, which will help you stay slim and trim or even assist you in losing those extra pounds!


Kathak is a Classical dance style from the North of India. Originating from the Hindu temples, travelling through the mogul era where it developed breathtaking spins, including footwork and hand gestures. This style corrects body posture and gives you grace, which is important if you want to create discipline with in your dance!

YOGA – Conditioning for dancers and non dancers

Maintaining Good posture and flexibility together with a strong and firm body are important elements, which help and support dancers. Yoga with conditioning is a form where you are able to stretch and elongate muscles to get the maximum benefit from your dancing. Try it out as it can only do you good!!