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  • Performed alongside Pop Idol Gareth Gates. Featured in ‘Spirit in the sky’ live shows. Appeared on television, Top of the Pops and CD UK and performed in Party in the Park.
  • Bara Miya Chota Miya After Party Performance
    Performed alongside Amitabh Bachchan & Govinda to an audience of dignitaries.
  • An Observance for Commonwealth Day 1999
    Performed in a classical dance piece in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey.

LATEST EVENTS Where Rakhi Sood & TMC Dancers and Rakhi's students have performed...
Date Venue Description
29th November 2012 Rakhi's student perform at 'Light Up a Life' a charity event, at Guildhall, Southampton 
24th November 2012   DANCE MANIA 5! Rakhi Sood's School of Performing Arts presents a spectacular showcase of dazzling Bollywood and Kathak performances at the West Wing Theatre, Slough. 
17th November  
Rakhi Sood, the TMC Dancers, Mitel Purohit (Musician) runs the entertainment at the Diwali Festival in Winbourne! Holding a number of performances & workshops 
16th November
Rakhi runs another Bollywood workshops for infant children, using props to teach dance and diwali stories!  
15th November 2012     Rakhi runs Bollywood and Kathak workshops at an infant school in West Sussex for Diwali.  
14th October 2012    Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers perform and hold bollywood workshops at Global Rhythms Festival, Netly 
16-18th July 2012 Worskhops in Southampton 
14th July 2012 Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers Perform at Basingstoke LIVE! Together with Rakhi's students from Basingstoke, Southampton, Hounslow & Bracknell 
13th July 2012Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers Perform at a private birthday party function in Surrey
7th July 2012 Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers Perform together with the students from Art Asia and Bollywood Workshops 
6th July 2012 Rakhi Sood's School Of Performing Arts End of Term Display in Bracknel Martin herons together with an Awards Ceremony for those who took their first IAMIA Bollywood Dance exams  
5th July 2012 Rakhi Sood conduts a Workshop at a Childrens Birthday Party!
5th July 2012  Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers Perform at a Private Function in Southall
4th July 2012 Workshop in Southampton
30th June 2012 Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers perform at World Party in the Park, Basingstoke with Bollywood Workshops and DHOL Worshops led by Mitel Purohit
26th June 2012 Workshop in Southampton
23rd - 24th June 2012 Osterly Park Mela! Rakhi's Students perform, Bollywood Workshops, Tabla workshops led by Mitel Purohit!
23rd June 2012 Children's Workshop in Chiswick
17th June 2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Trinjan Mela, Thisleworth Tennis Club, Osterly.  Rakhi's hounslow class perform an energetic Bollywood piece!
12th - 22nd April 2012 Rakhi Sood's Southampton & Hounslow Student perform a fusion of Bollywood & Kathak pieces at the Alchemy Fesitval at the Southbank Centre in London
24th November 2007 Dance Mania 2 - End of year Dance Performances with over 150 performers including Rakhi Sood & The TMC Dancers.
25-28 February 2008 Bollywood Diversity Workshop for Environmental Agency. We held 3 workshops at different offices, where the staff joined in some Bollywood Dancing which proved to be a huge success.
29th February 2008 Charity Bollywood Performance. To raise money for the NSPCC and to raise awareness.
8th March 2008 Bollywood Sparkles at the Rose. Rose Theatre,
24-26 High Street,
Kingston KT1 1HL
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15th/16th March 2008 The Goddess Show. Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers performing at Brighton Race Course. Click on http://www.goddessshow.co.uk/welcome.html for more information. Rakhi will be holding a workshop and performing in front of over 5000 people
22nd March 2008 Wedding Reception. Private Event where we performed to a Classical and Bollywood Performance to which a standing ovation was given.
23rd March 2008 Private Event for a Jewish Family celebrating a Surprise 50th Birthday. It was a Bollywood Theme for the client. We perfomed a Bollywood Performance for the guests and then held a Bollywood Workshop for the guests who were left mesmerized.
4th April 2008 A corporate Bollywood Workshop held in Reading for over 300 guests where we taught them how to dance to Bollywood Music.
26th April 2008 Kiss Machaye Dhoom. Experiencing a journey through the history & beauty of Bollywood. Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers performed an exquisite piece from the 70’s and leaving the audience mesmerised with her Kathak & Irish Fusion as the grand finale. This was in aid of the Asian People’s Disability Alliance
17th May 2008 A Corporate Event for Microsoft where Rakhi and her team performed a Bollywood & Kathak dance performance followed by a 40 minute Bollywood Workshop which 100 people joined in creating a very fun and energetic environment. This was hosted by Microsoft itself.
21st May 2008 Diet on the Dance Floor - LIVING TV. Rakhi choreographed a dance piece to ‘Kiss Kiss’ involving Bollywood style of dancing and worked with 10 contestants to teach them how to dance to Bollywood Music. This was televised live on Living TV on 30th July 08.
24th May 2008 Private Event: 1st Birthday Party. Rakhi Sood & the TMC performed at a 1st Birthday Party in Hull, Yorkshire. This event was hugely appreciated by the guests as it was the 1st time such performance had been seen.
25th June 2008 Bollywood Workshops carried out by Rakhi Sood for all age groups.
4th July 2008 Mehndi Party. Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers performed to a medley of beautiful mehndi songs giving the bride to be an evening to remember. A perfect evening for the Bride and all her girlfriends.
6th July 2008 Private Event. Rakhi Sood & her TMC Dancers performed 3 Dance items a Wedding Reception for a family. The Kathak piece was admired my the audience to which a standing ovation was given. This was followed by one 70’s mix and then a strong, vibrant and energetic Bollywood Fusion piece which got all the guests onto the dance floor.
12th July 2008 Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers performed at the Basingstoke Mela 2008
19th July 2008 Rakhi Sood & the TMC Dancers performed at the Southampton Mela 2008.
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Sunnugdale Carnival

From: 8th Sep, 2010
To: 19th Sep, 2010
Main Entertainment:
In the main arena a fantastic bollywood dance will be performed by the students of Rakhi Sood Bollywood & Performing Arts Dance School. There will be 2 performances, and two 15 min workshops. Please check for times on the day.
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Dance Mania 5!

Date:24th Nov, 2012