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Rakhi has been doing Pathanjali yoga for 8 years. She learnt yoga from her father and then felt that it would be worthwhile getting a proper feel of how yoga is taught and experienced in India. She then took private tuition and courses consisting of only a few members. This was where she was enlightened with ways and means of how beneficial and amazing the thousands of years old art form was. She often wondered why it was becoming such a craze back in the UK. She could now understand this beautiful way of living which awakened the soul and mind in a very spiritual way. It invited her into an atmosphere which was enchanting but yet so real and helpful to not only herself but also her students. She realised that yoga had to be a major part of her dancing as it brought not only flexibility but beauty, grace and immense forceful energy stemming from SHIVA. From a very young age, Rakhi's parents had always taken her to bhajans and spiritual meetings. This exposure gave her these vital spriritual roots from the beginning of her life.

From a very tender age of 4, she started training in the Indian Classical Kathak dance form. This was her first step in joining forces with a more forceful energy. Dance is a form of ENERGY, a very spiritual energy which leads to a journey full of experiences. Whenever she had a chance to perform the Shiv tandav, (a dance on Shiva The destroyer of all evil) she felt a strong energy present. She felt that it would take over her and that it wasn’t her dancing but someone or something else. She found it difficult to explain but her mother understood.

These experiences then lead her to Meditation which has now become an important part of her life. This connects her completely to her inner self and her Guru Shirdhi Ke Sai Baba. She had the opportunity to go to a samarpan meditation course through a friend and work colleague. This took her a step further when she realised that Shiv Krupananda Swami's teachings related closely to that of Shirdhi Babas. Hence Rakhi could really relate to his teachings. Rakhi subsequently went to India to attend his Shabir for Guru Poornima. She also had the opportunity to perform for Shivkrupaji, which was very much appreciated. During the meditation course in Navsari, she felt an awakening experience of the Kundalani. The real journey had just begun... Since then, yoga, pranayam (to increase life force) and meditation has become a very important part of her life. She practices daily.

“It keeps me in check with who I am and what I’m here for. It has improved my way of thinking and how to eradicate negative energy from my every day life. It has taught me to love, not just my fellow friends but enemies who are out there to push you back. Those are the ones we must love and send more blessings to. One must also learn to love life, work, nature and animals whom I believe are the flowers of god. Ive realised that all our feelings of pain and pleasure depend upon the attitude of our mind. So smile and enjoy life! Learn to be happy with what we have as you know there are many people out there who have nothing and yet are so happy and content.”