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About Rakhi

Rakhi is a Professional Artist, Teacher, Performer, Choreographer, Model & Actress. Rakhi Sood offers the very best dance tuition for a variety of styles including Kathak, Bollywood and Bhangra. She has already begun to establish a reputation for the quality of the tuition offered and the original and innovative methods employed. Rakhi Sood has kept her burning passion for the performing arts since an early age. She studied the performing arts as well as achieving professional qualifications in both the classical dance style of Kathak and the art of Sitar playing.

Rakhi believes that for any teacher grounding in classical dance is essential. “To begin to teach forms and styles of dance it is first essential to have a good foundation yourself. It is my aim to not just teach dance, but to allow students to gain an understanding of the differences between good dance and bad dance.” Rakhi Sood’s tantalizing choreography is an alluring fusion of contemporary Kathak blended with various dance flavour’s and heritages from around the world.


Rakhi has modelled on stage and choreographed for ‘The Asian Mela’ at the Millenium Dome 2003, ‘Visions of the East’ at the Savoy Hotel, London, & was the first runner-up at Miss Asia 1998 at Cafe Royal. She has also modelled for Occasions & Eastern Eye magazines. Recently Rakhi had the opportunity to perform at The Nehru Centre for Cancer Research campaign – where she choreographed, performed and modelled. She also incorporated the famous Shakespearean play ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ within this show. This is where she realised that there can be much more to a fashion show than a simple Catwalk.

Rakhi also teaches modelling, how to walk on the catwalk, pivoting or simply looking good in front of the camera, an audience or on stage. “I have not only modelled on stage, but choreographed for fashion shows whether it be straight forward modelling or including dance. Dance within fashion shows looks amazing!! I also involve acting, which makes the fashion shows much more exciting, vibrant and enjoyable to watch!!!”


Rakhi has had the opportunity to work in the popular ITV Television drama series The Bill’ and also Bollywood films like ‘Janam Samja Karo, ‘Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham’ and ‘Bollywood Queen.’ She has worked with famous film celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Hrithik Roshan & Amitabh Bachan to name a few.

As you can see from her experiences, she has had to play many roles. She has carried out various acting roles alongside many Bollywood stars and also played lead roles in pop videos. Rakhi is versatile and able to adapt to a variety of characters and roleplays.

In 2007, Rakhi was involved in a few pop videos where she helped the producer to choreograph dance steps and to enhance the pop video to what the viewers may appreciate.

Yoga & Meditation

Rakhi has been doing Pathanjali yoga for 8 years. She learned yoga from her father and then felt that it would be worthwhile getting a proper feel of how yoga is taught and experienced in India. She then took private tuition and courses consisting of only a few members. This was where she was enlightened with ways and means of how beneficial and amazing the thousands of years old art form was. She often wondered why it was becoming such a craze back in the UK. She could now understand this beautiful way of living which awakened the soul and mind in a very spiritual way.

It invited her into an atmosphere which was enchanting but yet so real and helpful to not only herself but also her students. She realized that yoga had to be a major part of her dancing as it brought not only flexibility but beauty, grace and immense forceful energy stemming from SHIVA. From a very young age, Rakhi’s parents had always taken her to bhajans and spiritual meetings. This exposure gave her these vital spiritual roots from the beginning of her life.


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Anandpur Outreach Project

Anandpur Outreach Project…(Charity Registration No. 1107780)

Basingstoke Hindu Society are helping to raise funds for Anandpur Eye Hospital in India. This hospital provides FREE Eyecare/Surgery, general medical care, gynaecological care, education, employment, food/clothes distribution to the poor. They run rural development programmes in attempt to reduce poverty and restore health. Rakhi Sood has contributed to this charity by running various dance workshops for the local disadvantaged children and we need funds to support their worthy activities! We would love any contribution, please visit the charities just giving page here to donate….

If you need any choerography services, Rakhi Sood can provide a unique sevices, specialised to your needs.

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