Bollywood & Kathak Classes


Bollywood & Kathak Classes

Rakhi Sood is a professional teacher and choreographer, with years of experience in teaching, Rakhi Sood’s Bollywood & Kathak classes are the best way to learn how to dance!

Classes are currently run in the following areas;

– Hounslow
– Hayes
– Harrow
– Southampton
– Basingstoke
– Bracknell

There are classes for over 50’s Bollywood

With her versatile method of teaching, she communicates with all ages (from 4 years to adults) in the most comfortable way making learning how to dance much easy so you can also have fun and enjoy your dance class at the same time!!

Not to mention, Bollywood classes are also a great method of keeping fit! So if you want to lose those calories, why not join Rakhi’s Bollywood classes!! Kathak classes are more disciplined, and conditions every single pose, angle and movement you make, but a great start for beginners to dance!


  • Jasper Centre Home
  • Heston Schoool
  • Edison School
  • Cantell School
  • Martin Heron
  • Navnat Centre

Venue: See Timetable

Contact: 079 4461 0099

If you need any choerography services, Rakhi Sood can provide a unique sevices, specialised to your needs.

Please Contact us her for more information!