Save the Animals

Rakhi supports the Blue cross, Rspca, Ifaw (International Fund for Animal Welfare) Dogs Trust and Haws (Hounslow Animal welfare Society).

She cannot see animals suffering, in pain, homeless or sold or killed for the ivory trade. Every year when she goes to India feeding the homeless dogs on the streets is done on a large scale with her friends and family. At the moment she is taking training at her local veterinary practice how to look after strays, help them with minor ailments and health problems.

The biggest problem is that all dogs in India need to be sterilised once that is done then there will be a big end to the unnecessary pain and suffering that they go through.

Thousands and thousands of baby harp seals are killed every year in Canada in an area called Newfoundland for meat, skin. The sad thing is that not even half of the meat or fur is actually used. They are so brutally killed or even tortured that anyone who actually does eat meat would sympathise with the seals.

The Canadian government actually fund these brutal murders and the Canadian citizens pay for it through there taxes, the public don’t even know that this is going on behind there back.

So if you feel that you would like to help please write to the Canadian government. They need to know that these kinds of killings are daylight murders.


  • Report acts of animal cruelty to save lives.
  • Do not purchase medicines, teas or tonics containing animal parts.
  • Do not purchase products made of fur or ivory.
  • Do not buy cosmetics or household products tested on animals.
  • Support animal protection legislation and enforcement.
  • Adopt a shelter pet.
  • Volunteer at a local rescue.
  • Encourage others to spay and neuter their pets
  • Create garden habitat. Plant a tree or set out a birdbath.
  • Spend time teaching a child about the importance of gentle care and sensitive treatment towards all animals

Fundraising for the Lions400 campaign

This year ZSL are focusing our fundraising on a recently launched Lions400 campaign and are appealing to every Fire Walker to pledge to raise just £150. With only 400 Asian lions left in the wild, these animals are on the brink of extinction. The risks of disease, habitat loss and illegal trade are increasing and it’s up to us not let these lions disappear forever.

Your sponsorship will allow us to create an inspirational new lion exhibit right in the heart of ZSL London Zoo, engaging and educating the public about these extraordinary animals. It will also support urgent projects in India to protect the last remaining Asian Lions. This event not only gives us the opportunity to raise much needed funds, but it also allows us to raise the profile of the drastic work that needs to be done in order to save the Asian Lion. We will support you every step of the way to reach your £150 fundraising target by going you plenty of fundraising tips from the moment you register! Click here for more information and to book!

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is the world’s  leading single-issue organisation campaigning  to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

BUAV’s dedicated team combine legal and scientific expertise, research skills, media liaison, public campaigning, undercover investigations and political lobbying in order to work effectively for an end to animal experiments and their replacement with modern and humane alternatives.

They do not receive any government funding or lottery money, and rely completely on the generosity of our supporters. To all, they would like to say thank you for any donations. Please click here to visit the charities website.


As Canada prepares to cull 275,000 of the baby seals living off its shores by clubbing them to death or shooting them for their fur, we look into why this barbaric practice must end.

Hundreds of thousands of baby seals will be clubbed to death over the coming days by fishermen as part of Canada’s controversial annual seal hunt.

The seals are born in March and for the first few weeks of their lives they are nurtured by their mothers. But at just 12 days old, when their white coats change colour, it is no longer against the law to hunt them. Only in Russia can ‘whitecoat’ seals still be culled.

Last year, 98.5 per cent of the 224,000 pups killed off of Canada’s shores were under three months old. “They are very much like human babies – they cry and call for their mum the same way,” said one anti-culling protestor.

Yet as soon as the winter ice floes have broken up sufficiently to allow fishing boats to reach the seals, the hunting begins. And this year, the culling limit has been set to 275,000. The Canadian Government says it will not threaten the population of up to six million seals, arguing that sealing is an important part of the local economy.

Few Canadians make a living from hunting seals, however. Sealers are fishermen by trade who make a small amount of additional income for a few weeks a year from the slaughter. In fact, the majority of Canadians themselves are against the hunt, with 72 per cent supporting regulations to ban the hunting of seal pups.